About Murph-Emmanuel

Welcome to Murph Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, where God is our Father, Christ is our Redeemer, the Holy Spirit is our Comforter, and humankind is our family. We are located in the North Highlands community, where we have been serving for nearly 35 years. All are welcome to celebrate our lively Sunday services and some of our growing weekly programs that help to support the community.

Murph-Emmanuel was founded under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Tyrone Hicks and officially accepted into the California Conference of the A.M.E. Church on February 20, 1983, with a charter membership of 25 and 12 children. By 1998 the church membership grew from 37 to 240. The beautiful edifice along with over 4 acres of land was purchased in 1985 and in 2003 was paid in full. During the 22 years of Rev. Hicks's pastorate, numerous ministries were established, including the St. John’s Women’s Shelter Feeding Program, a One-Stop Center for a Welfare-to-Work Program, that included a day-care center.

In 2004, Rev. Hicks was transferred to another charge, and the Rev. Elmer Redding became our pastor. Under his charge, several members accepted their call to ministry, our music ministry grew under the leadership of Sister Phelecia Valles, and our Murph-Emmanuel Tutorial Center was reinstated.

In 2009, Rev. Michael Barta was sent to us, and under his leadership the fellowship increased among its members. Membership consistently grew, and spiritual growth was also prevalent within the congregation. Further growth in the outreach programs occurred in the monthly food and clothing distribution and ministry to the St. John’s Women’s Shelter. And, a new initiative was launched with our neighbors at Pacific High School and New Visions Charter School that was housed in our facility. Sadly, Rev. Barta passed on October 28, 2012.

On December 16, 2012, the Rev. Billy Ray Taylor became our pastor, and we were looking forward to many years of leadership and guidance under his direction. However, after ten months of outstanding leadership, Rev. Taylor retired due to family illness.

In 2013, Rev. Freda Cash became our pastor and she served until October 2015.

In October, 2015, the Rev. Dr. Carieta Cain Grizzell was sent to begin the process of healing, restoration, and revival. She has brought new vision and is reinstituting outreach programs that serve the least, the lost, and the left out. Programs include:

  • -Monthly Food Distribution
  • -Prison and Jail Ministry
  • -Youth Development Program
  • -Champions for Change
  • -Rites of Passage

To God be the Glory for the great things He has done, continues to do, and will do!


Regular Schedule

Sunday: 10:00am - 12:30pm | Wednesday: 11:00pm - 12:00pm | Wednesday: 6:00pm - 7:00pm | Wednesday (Choir Rehearsal): 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Meet the Ministerial Staff

  • Rev. Dr. Carieta Cain-Grizzell

    Senior Pastor
  • Rev. Annisteen Cammack

    Sr. Associate, Local Elder
  • Rev. Henry Gerald

    Local Elder
  • Rev. Catina James

    Local Elder
  • Rev. Cynthia Gerald

    Local Deacon
  • Rev. Martin F. Grizzell

    Pastor's Assistant

Ministries, Auxiliaries, and Commissions

  • Stewards


    Stewards are appointed by the pastor and serve as her cabinet. They are responsible for the spiritual and temporal business of the church and assisting in the spiritual development of the membership.

  • Trustees


    Trustees are elected by the members of the church to manage all business and financial affairs. They look after the church campus and other real estate assets in care of the church congregation, the owner.

  • Stewardesses


    Stewardesses are women who are nominated by the pastor, and confirmed by the steward board, to serve as special assistants to the steward board in looking after the physical arrangements for the pulpit, the Lord’s Supper, baptism, the sick, the poor.

  • Women's Missionary Society


    The purpose of the Women’s Missionary Society is to help people to grow in the Christian faith through continual training, as well as individual and collective mission work, challenging members to respond to God’s redemptive plan in the work.

  • Men of Emmanuel


    The Men of Emmanuel serve to support the church through maintenance and upkeep functions, auxiliary activities, such as sales of their delicious dinners and other fundraising activities to support the overall ministry of the local congregation.

  • Women of Emmanuel


    The Women of Emmanuel serve to support the personal and social needs of the women of the church through programs, social activities and gatherings.

  • Music Ministry


    The music ministry is responsible for the church worship experience in melody and song. The mass choir is renown throughout the region. And the music ministry band provides high quality instrumentation to enhance the worship experience. The ministry's various choral groups provide an opportunity for all to participate.

  • Class Leadership


    The Murph-Emmanuel members are divided into small groups called classes. Class leaders are appointed by the pastor to serve as facilitators, whose business it is to look after his/her members and report to the board concerning the status, and also the spiritual other needs of each member.

  • Young People's Division

    YPD Youth

    The purpose of the Young People’s Division of the Women’s Missionary Society is to perform service projects in the community, to participate in workshops in Christian social relations and family life in subjects such as personal development communication, sexuality, and substance abuse. The YPD is also trained in missions work to build greater understanding and concern for the poor.

  • Commission on Christian Education

    The Commission on Christian Education makes careful study of the Christian education needs of the church and the correlated curricula to ensure harmony at all age groups. The commission manages the supervision of the recruitment, training and assignment of Christian education workers in the church.

  • Comission on Missions and Welfare

    In cooperation with the Pastor, the missionary society, and other organizations of the church, the CMW is committed to spreading the Gospel through Jesus’ mandate as stated in Matthew 25:35 in an effort to safeguard both church and community members’ well-being and quality of life. The CMW also conducts studies regarding the needs of the community to best understand its needs.

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